Model – 18 | Free Flowing | Two Drawer Box

Model - 18 | Free Flowing | Two Drawer Box This two-drawer box is based on a pattern by Lois Ventura in her book Beautiful Band Saw Boxes.  I have modified the pattern slightly and added a hidden drawer.  Both of the drawers are a single open space, lined with a rayon flocking.

 This jewelry box is approx. 6” high by 10” long.

The Model #18 sells for $85.00.   I have a Model 18 available now for purchase through Etsy.  Click this link to see and purchase the box. Request custom orders and inventory information for our jewelry boxes via our Contact Us page or by phone at (435-635-7108).



Video Transcript: This beautiful two-drawer box is another of Lois Ventura’s patternsLois Ventura - . Again, I have taken the drawer and changed the shape a little bit so that I’ve got room on the back to put in a hidden drawer. That’s been kind of my trademark and has been very popular so I put it now wherever I can. This, again, is a full open drawer so there is a large open space there for larger jewelry or keepsakes or whatever you put in it. This particular box is made of bubinga with oak in the center and oak pulls. It makes a nice contrast. This is a very popular, very beautiful box. Of course, it’s all solid wood.

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