Model – 40 | Locomotive

Model - 40 | Locomotive Locomotive. This old time locomotive box was designed for an art show in Livingston, Montana, a railroad town.  It has fifteen (15) drawers, including one (1) hidden drawer.  All the drawers are lined with a rayon flocking.The locomotive is approx. 15.5″ long by 9″ high.
The Model #40 sells for $179.00.    Contact me through the web site to check availability.  You can also request custom orders and inventory information for our jewelry boxes via our Contact Us page or by phone at (435-635-7108).



Video Transcript: This is kind of a unique band saw box. It’s our old fashioned locomotive. It has fifteen drawers in it. The drawers range from fairly small, such as these front wheels, for little small trinket items or perhaps small jewelry items, to fairly large drawers in the back wheels for other items—a little bit larger jewelry or what have you. In addition, there is also this drawer, and in the back a hidden drawer—a place for those special items. This has been kind of a fun box for people who have a railroading background. Most of them I think have been sold as boxes for small trinkets or keepsakes as opposed to actual jewelry.

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