Model – 24 | Fire Engine

Model - 24 | Fire Engine Fire Engine. This delightful and whimsical Fire Truck was designed for my brother-in-law who is a retired fireman.  I made it for his birthday.  It has eleven drawers, including one hidden drawer.  It is a fun box for anyone, whether you’re a fireman or not.  Young boys have a great time hiding little trinkets in it.The fire truck is approx. 15” long by 7.5” high.
The Model #24 sells for $179.00.   I have a Model 24 available now for purchase through Etsy.  Click this link to see and purchase the box.  You can also request custom orders and inventory information for our jewelry boxes via our Contact Us page or by phone at (435-635-7108).



Video Transcript: Our little whimsical fire engine was made originally for my brother-in-law, who is a retired fireman. We made it with 11 drawers in it. The windows open as drawers; the ladder comes out and is a drawer. The eleventh drawer is the hidden drawer behind the axe. Even the wheels come out. And then the little light comes out and is a drawer. So we’ve got eleven drawers in that box. It’s kind of a fun box, a lot of little drawers, or a lot of fun little keepsakes or trinkets or whatever you might want to put in it. But for those who are into fire engines, this is really a unique box.


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