Model – 42 | Cowboy Boot

Model - 42 | Cowboy BootThe idea for the Cowboy Boot band saw box came from an urn I made for my cousin, whose husband passed away recently from cancer. She wanted a box for his ashes with a cowboy theme, so I made her one in the shape of a cowboy boot. That led to the idea to make a cowboy boot band saw box. The box has four drawers with a hidden drawer and a lift out tray. The box is approx. 9” wide by 11 ½ “ tall.Continue reading

Model – 14 | Golf Cart

Model - 14 | Golf CartOne of my good customers brought me a picture of a golf cart and asked me to make a golf cart band saw box for him to give to his golfing buddies for Christmas.  This is what I came up with.   The golf cart has four drawers, the 2 wheels, a drawer under the seat and the golf bag.  The golf bag also has a hidden drawer in the back of the drawer.
The Golf Cart is approx. 8” high by 10 1/2” long.Continue reading

Model – 29 | Guitar Box

Model - 29 | Guitar Box Our new guitar box was commissioned by a good customer as a gift for her son who plays both the 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars as well as the classical guitar. I patterned this box from a picture of his classical guitar. The box has 2 large drawers plus a small drawer representing the hole in the center of the guitar. It also has a hidden drawer. This unique box would be special to anyone interested in music, especially country music or any type of guitar music.This guitar shaped jewelry box is approx. 16.5″ long by 7″ high.

Model – 23 | Kitty

Model - 23 | KittyI have had several requests for a band saw box in the shape of a cat.  The box has four (4) drawers and two (2) hidden drawers.  This one is made of Afrimosia, a light brown wood, and Oak.  I have made it from Figured Maple for a white kitten and from Walnut for a black cat.  This box is approx. 8.5” wide x 10.5” tall.Continue reading

Model – 41 | Golf Club

Model - 41 | Golf ClubThis is a rather unique pattern for a band saw box.  I have a good customer that brought me a small golf club and asked if I could enlarge it to include a drawer.  As you can see, it has one drawer and is made to store or display a wine bottle.The club is approx. 5.5” wide X 2.25” high, with a 10” shaft. Continue reading

Model – 39 | Scotty

Model - 39 | Scotty The Scotty Dog, a somewhat free form design, was made for my brother and sister-in-law who have had a number of Westies over the years.  This was their Christmas gift one year. It has turned out to be a very popular, though somewhat specialized design.  When I make it out of walnut, it is a Scotty.  When I use white ash, it is a Westie.The Scotty/Westie box is approx. 11” wide by 9” tall. Continue reading

Model – 37 | The Old Rugged Cross

Model - 37 | The Old Rugged Cross The Old Rugged Cross. This special hand crafted box was inspired by my customers.  It is a very elegant looking box with special meaning for many people. It is a 5-drawer box with one hidden drawer.

The Old Rugged Cross is approx. 8.5” wide by 12” tall.Continue reading

Model – 31 | Star

Model - 31 | Star Our free formed Star-shaped box has six drawers.  The center drawer has a hidden drawer in the back of it. This box was designed right after 9/11 in honor of those who lost their lives as a result of that terrible event.The star jewelry box is approx. 10.5” wide by 8.75”high. Continue reading

Model – 40 | Locomotive

Model - 40 | Locomotive Locomotive. This old time locomotive box was designed for an art show in Livingston, Montana, a railroad town.  It has fifteen (15) drawers, including one (1) hidden drawer.  All the drawers are lined with a rayon flocking.The locomotive is approx. 15.5″ long by 9″ high.Continue reading

Model – 24 | Fire Engine

Model - 24 | Fire Engine Fire Engine. This delightful and whimsical Fire Truck was designed for my brother-in-law who is a retired fireman.  I made it for his birthday.  It has eleven drawers, including one hidden drawer.  It is a fun box for anyone, whether you’re a fireman or not.  Young boys have a great time hiding little trinkets in it.The fire truck is approx. 15” long by 7.5” high. Continue reading

Model – 28 | Ol’ Paint

Model - 28 | Ol' Paint Ol’ Paint is a special, though somewhat unusual, design for a jewelry box. It was created as a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, Alysha.  She loves to ride and show her paint horses.  This box has three drawers, plus a hidden drawer, which are all finished on the inside with a rayon flocking.

‘Ol Paint is approx. 11” wide by 8.5” tall.Continue reading

Model – 32 | Star of David

Model - 32 | Star of David Star of David
The Star of David box was designed because of a customer request. At first I told him I couldn’t do it because the star points were too small for drawers and I couldn’t make it stand up. Finally I decided to put the star inside a circle and that solved both problems.  The box has 5 drawers, plus one hidden drawer in the back of the center drawer.Star of David is approx. 9 3/4” wide by 9 1/4” tall. Continue reading

Model – 26 | My Valentine

Model - 26 | My Valentine My Valentine:  I first made this box a few years ago as a Valentines Day gift for my wife.  It is great for large or small jewelry. Just lift the top off and there is a tray with heart shaped cut outs for small rings or earrings. Lift the tray out and it is open for larger items such as a watch or bracelet.
My Valentine is approx 8” in diameter.Continue reading

Model – 25 | PEACE Sign Shape with 3 Drawers

Model - 25 | PEACE Sign Shape with 3 Drawers Our Peace Box was designed for a customer who wanted me to build him a band saw box representative of the Peace Symbol. This box is made of black limba and walnut. I have changed the drawer fronts to walnut so that the Peace Sign stands out more. Each of the larger drawers has a hidden drawer built into the back of the drawer. This box is not only a rather unique box, special to many people, but is a very useful box also. The drawers are large enough for rather large items of jewelry, such as watches, bracelets, or other special items.

This jewelry box is approx. 8″ in diameter.Continue reading