Model – 45 | Different Shaped Boxes for Gifts, Trinkets or Special Keepsakes

Model - 45 | Different Shaped Boxes for Gifts, Trinkets or Special Keepsakes These boxes are all unique in both size and shape. They are generally larger than the smaller gift or trinket boxes. As with all my other boxes, they are finished inside the drawers with a rayon flocking.

These jewelry boxes could be up to 4 inches high by up to 12 inches long.

I have several of my model #45 medium sized boxes available for purchase on Etsy.  Most of these boxes will have a small hidden drawer and sell for approx. $45 to $49  each.   This link will take you to one of them, or just go to my Etsy shop where you can view them all.
You can also request custom orders and inventory information for our jewelry boxes via our Contact Us page or by phone at (435-635-7108).



Video Transcript: This is one of our larger unique keepsake boxes that are all different, all individual. They are generally made from pieces of wood that I have. None of them have a pattern; they are just all different, all unique to the piece of wood that I am working with. This particular one is a piece of wood that is African mahogany on the front and back and oak in the middle. Here, I have made a long drawer in the bottom and divided it into sections. I put another drawer above it and in the back of this tall drawer, I have put another drawer so that it has that traditional hidden drawer. I put it in all my boxes wherever I possibly can. And again, this style of box is all individual and all different. There are no two alike; it just depends on the wood that I am working with.


  1. Do you still sell tiny bandsaw blanks for two for a dollar?

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