Model – 17 | Single Drawer Box

Model - 17 | Single Drawer BoxThis single-drawer box is also a modification of one of Lois Ventura’s patterns. The drawer is open and spacious and lined with a rayon flocking.  It also has a hidden drawer built into it for your special items.

This jewelry box is approx. 9” long by 4.25” high.

The Model #17 sells for $65.00.   I have a Model 17 available now for purchase through Etsy.  Click this link to see and purchase the box.  You can also request custom orders and inventory information for our jewelry boxes via our Contact Us page or by phone at (435-635-7108).



Video Transcript: This is another of Lois Ventura’s patternsLois Ventura - that I have modified. I changed the shape of back end of the box primarily. Also, I have included space where I can put in a hidden drawer. I always like to do that if at all possible because that’s been so popular. This particular box is quilted maple and it has a strip of mahogany down the center to give it some contrast. But again, it has a large drawer for those who want to put in larger items: keepsakes and so forth. This is a nice box.


  1. Sydney Jamison :

    Hi. Just ordered two drawer heart shape bandsaw box plans.i am a woodturner of a kind .is this box ok for first timer? Sydney from north ireland

    • Hi Sydney
      When you respond to a blog article, I don’t get the message. So sorry about being so slow to respond. With a little experience, you could probably do the 2 drawer heart. If your new, I would start with some smaller boxes. You might check out my how to video on building a small band saw box. Listed under blog articles.

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