Model – 17 | Single Drawer Box

Model - 17 | Single Drawer BoxThis single-drawer box is also a modification of one of Lois Ventura’s patterns. The drawer is open and spacious and lined with a rayon flocking.  It also has a hidden drawer built into it for your special items.

This jewelry box is approx. 9” long by 4.25” high.Continue reading

Model – 16 | Single Drawer Box

Model - 16 | Single Drawer BoxThis special single-drawer box is a beautiful example of the flowing lines available in band saw boxes.  I have also designed this box to have a hidden drawer for those special items you may want to hide.

 This jewelry box is approx. 9.5” long by 4” high.Continue reading

Model – 10 | Ocean Life | Single Drawer-Box

Model - 10 | Ocean Life | Single Drawer-BoxThis unique single-drawer box design is based on a pattern by Lois Ventura from her book, Beautiful Band Saw Boxes, which I purchased to help get me started building these beautiful band saw boxes.  I have modified the pattern to make room for a hidden drawer.

 This jewelry box is approx. 10” long by 4.25” high.Continue reading