Model – 43 | Small Necklace Box Pattern

Model – 43 | Small Necklace Box

1) My patterns are not set to ship automatically. As soon as I receive the order, I will send the pattern in PDF format attached to an e-mail.
2) This pattern is cut from a block made up of four 4/4” boards. Giving a total thickness of approximately 3 1/2”.
3) When using a 14″ or smaller band saw, this pattern requires a 6″ riser block or extension in order to completely cut out the box.


  1. Hi Dave. Some time ago you sent me the pattern and directions for your small band saw necklace box #43. I am just getting around to making one after many mishaps in mine and my wife’s lives. Stints in the hospital for me and a knee replacement for my wife.
    Along with every thing else I had a computer crash and lost most of my files and downloads. I have the pattern because I down loaded and printed it. The directions I did not print and have been unable to recover them.
    I am hoping you can resend me the directions only it would be appreciated. I am on my wife’s lap top so don’t send them here. Instead send them to my personal computer.
    Thanks so much.


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