How do you cut out the inside of a bandsaw box drawer?

Q: When you are building a band saw box, how do you cut out the inside of the drawer?

A: Rather than start in the middle, let me review with you the basic steps in building a band saw box.

As you know, you first cut out the shape you want the box to be, then mark out your drawer. Next you cut the back off the box. Now you cut the drawer out.  At this point you cut the front and back off the drawer.  Now lay the drawer piece on it’s back and mark the cut out you want in the drawer. Follow your marks to cut out the inside of the drawer. Now you can glue the front and back of the drawer back onto the center piece you just cut out.  With that done, glue the back back onto the box.   Except for some final shaping and sanding, that completes your box.  The only thing left to do is to add a drawer pull and finish the outside, and if you like, apply a rayon flocking to the inside of the drawer.

If you are looking for more detailed information, I have a fairly detailed set of instructions on how to build a small band saw box.  I also have made a video with even more detail on building a small band saw box.

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