Band Saw Box Patterns Overview and Video

All of these bandsaw box patterns are patterns that I have created myself over the years. My patterns consist of diagrams and cutting sequence instructions and some tips and tricks.  They will also now  include a short video on how to build the special drawers.  They do not, however, include instructions on how to build a band saw box.  There is, if you have experience building boxes,  all the information you will need to build your band saw box project.

I have just completed two new “How To” videos that I will now include with my patterns. I have two price levels. The Necklace Jewelry Box Patterns, which are larger and more complex, are $8.50 each.   All of my other patterns are even more affordable at $6.50 each.   With each purchase of a necklace box pattern, I will include a link to my video on how to build the special drawers in the necklace box.  With the purchase of a pattern that has a hidden drawer, I will include the link to my video on how to build the hidden drawer.

Additionally, for those of you who like a picture, I have two sets of printed instructions available; one for the addition of a Hidden Drawer to the band saw box and another on how to build a Small Trinket and Keepsake box. These instruction sets are $6.50 each.  With the purchase of either set of printed instructions, I will include a link to the video that covers that subject.

Here are the links to the categories of patterns: 2 Drawer Jewelry Band Saw Boxes | 3 Drawer Jewelry Band Saw Boxes | 4 Drawer Jewelry Band Saw Boxes | Commissioned Jewelry Band Saw Boxes | Necklace Band Saw Boxes

The patterns or instructions will be sent to you attached to an e-mail.  They will come in PDF format so you can print them out on your printer.

Below is a video outlining examples of what comes with each pattern.  I include the pattern itself, and any helps I think you will need to create your own band saw box.   Also below the video is the video transcript that hopefully will help you understand what you are purchasing when you order any of my patterns.

NOTE:  If you are using a 14” band saw, most all of my patterns will require that you have a 6” riser or extension on your band saw in order to cut the back off the box.

Band Saw Box Patterns

I’ve had a number of people ask about my patterns, what all is included and how much information I give them.  I try to give as much information as I can about how to cut the pattern out.  But I do not include the actual basic instructions on how to build a band saw box.  I have to assume that most people who order patterns are already familiar with building the box.  I do, however, have a set of instructions available if you are interested in building a small trinket box.  It’s quite detailed and you could apply those same principles to these larger boxes.

In each case, the pattern will include a picture of the finished box, so you can see what it looks like finished, what I’ve done with the color of the wood or with the pulls, or other things.  Also, I give you instructions on how to cut the box out and if there is something unique, I also include instructions on reassembling the box.

I also include the pattern, of course.  It’s made to print on an 8½ by 11 sheet of paper.  If it will fit that, it will be all on one sheet.  I give you details on how to cut the drawers and where the hidden drawer will fit and that type of information.  If it’s a larger box, such as the locomotive, I give you not only the picture and the instructions on cutting it out, but the pattern will be on two pages because of the size.  What I have done, is made a line along this one where you would cut the pattern, then you put the two pages together and you’ve got a full sized pattern on two sheets of paper.

Also, I’ve tried to give you information on problems or things you might run into.  For example, on this window drawer; if you cut in here and come all around, and get to this point, you are going to find that you won’t be able to make that last corner.  So, if you come into about this point, back out, and then back the blade in and cut in this direction you will be able to go all the way around.  This, of course, applies only to a 14 inch band saw or smaller, if you’ve got a 20 inch band saw you probably won’t have any trouble with it.  The same thing applies to this drawer down here.  Because of the length of the box, you can’t make those corners on a 14 inch band saw.

If you’ve got one of  my larger box patterns, for example, this necklace box, we have the the same kind of situation; I’ve shown you how to cut it out, all the details that way, and I give you the size of the box finished.  Because this pattern is again, in two pieces, and because of the limitations of 8½ X 11 paper it’s a little bit smaller than the finished box will be.  So you have to take it to a copier, enlarge it, and print it on legal paper, then you’ll have a full-size pattern.

Also, there are some unique features on this box.  For example, I have given you instructions on how to put in the rolls and the felt for the ring drawer.  Also, I have given instructions on how to put the hooks in the top of the necklace drawers so you can hang up your necklaces; and also instructions on how to build the lift out tray.

I think there’s enough information on all of these areas that you should be able to build a box without any difficulty.

One thing I did not include, is instructions on how to build a hidden drawer.  I have that available.  It takes several pages and is a little more complicated so it is available as a separate set of instructions.

If you have had experience with band saw boxes, there is enough information on each pattern as to how to cut it, how to reassemble it, and any unique situations that you should be able to build the box without any difficulty at all.
Thank you.

David Watkins


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  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad I was able to help.

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