Model – 19 | Heart Shaped | 13 Drawer

Model - 19 | Heart Shaped | 13 Drawer This Heart-Shaped Chest has thirteen drawers:  the two tall drawers are for necklaces and chains.  The bottom is for rings.  There are also two hidden drawers and two drawers with lift out trays.  This special box was designed because a customer wanted a jewelry box that would provide a place for her to hang her necklaces.

 This jewelry chest is approx. 12”wide by 14.5” tall.

The Model #19 sells for $289.00.   I have a Model 19 available now for purchase through Etsy.  Click this link to see and purchase the box.  You can also request custom orders and inventory information for our jewelry boxes via our Contact Us page or by phone at (435-635-7108).



Video Transcript: This box we refer to as a necklace box. The reason for that, of course, is these tall drawers in the center have a place to hang a necklace or a chain. Actually, this box is the first necklace box that I made. I had a customer who wanted a place to hang a necklace, so this was created for that purpose. Since then I have gone on to make other varieties of the necklace box with more necklaces and so forth. But this is the original. These two drawers at the top have my trademark hidden drawer in the back for your really special things. These next two drawers down have a tray that you can lift out and put smaller items inside—both top and bottom. These are just standard drawers as you go down and then the bottom drawer is for rings or stud earrings. This particular box has been a very popular one, I’m sure, because of the necklaces. In fact, all of our necklace boxes have been very popular. This particular box is made out of oak with African mahogany in the center. It’s not only a beautiful box but a very practical, a very useful box. You can put an awful lot of jewelry or keepsakes or whatever inside of it.


  1. These boxes really blew me away,,, I was awestruck just looking at all of them,,, really awesome, outstanding, brilliant, wonderful pieces of art. I really love this one.

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