How To Build A Small Band Saw Box

I think one of the most asked questions I get as I visit with people at art shows is “How do you make your band saw boxes”? That’s one of the reasons I created this video.
In the video I cover the process of making a band saw box in great detail. I also try to add in as many little tips as I can to help you make your box a little faster and hopefully save you from making some of the mistakes I made when I first started.


  1. Dave,
    Received the “blocks” last Friday you recent me. Thanks for the quick delivery.
    A Question: would you recommend using DonJer Black undercoat for all colors of flocking? It seems more economical to use a single color, viz., Black, rather then buy matching undercoat colors for each color flocking. I read that they say the matching undercoat helps present a more robust flocking color.
    On one of your videos you mention you use a (I can’t recall the qualifier you used) “paint” as an undercoat. Is the same color for all flocking?
    Thanks for any response,

    • Willard
      Regarding the black undercoat, I don’t know if it would be better or not. I only use 2 colors, green and red, and use the same color paint and flocking. Since I use two different woods on my boxes, I quite often have a stark contrast between colors of wood, on those boxes I paint the inside of the drawer with an acrylic craft paint before the flocking just to minimize the contrast.
      Hope this helps
      PS – in the future, contact me through my email or through the web site, I just found this comment by accident.

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