Building A Small Band Saw Box – How To Video

For those of you who would like to build your own band saw box,  I have just made my “How To Build A Small Band Saw Box”  video available on You Tube.  This “how to” video will explain in great detail how to build a small band saw box.  It will take you from building the block from which you cut the box, to completion, including how to flock the inside of the drawers.  It also has some little tips on how to make your band saw box a little nicer.

So take a look at my ‘How To Video‘ and try building a box yourself.    After you’ve done a few, check out all the band saw box patterns on my web site, and give one of them a try.

Build A Yin Yang Band Saw Box, Include A Hidden Drawer

This video is a detailed step by step demonstration of  how to build the Yin Yang Band Saw Box. Model # 35 Yin Yang - Afrimosia and Ash It starts with the building of the block from which the box will be cut, covers marking the pattern and then cutting out the box and the drawers.   I show how to mark and cut the opening for the hidden drawer, then during reassembly, step by step how to build the hidden drawers. It also covers the shaping, sanding and edging of the box and drawers.

After the box is complete, I discuss finishing and show you how to finish the inside of the drawers with a spray-in rayon flocking. I have also tried to include some tips that hopefully will make your project go smoother and easier.

In the video, I used, of course,  the Yin Yang pattern, but the principle’s can be applied to any band saw box pattern.

The video and pattern sell for $14.50.  When I receive notification from Pay Pal of a sale, I send  an e-mail with a link to the video, and attach the pattern in PDF format so you can just print it out.

 Following is a short 7 minute thumbnail of the Yin Yang video.

How To Build A Small Band Saw Box

I think one of the most asked questions I get as I visit with people at art shows is “How do you make your band saw boxes”? That’s one of the reasons I created this video.
In the video I cover the process of making a band saw box in great detail. I also try to add in as many little tips as I can to help you make your box a little faster and hopefully save you from making some of the mistakes I made when I first started.

How do you cut out the inside of a bandsaw box drawer?

Q: When you are building a band saw box, how do you cut out the inside of the drawer?

A: Rather than start in the middle, let me review with you the basic steps in building a band saw box.

As you know, you first cut out the shape you want the box to be, then mark out your drawer. Next you cut the back off the box. Now you cut the drawer out.  At this point you cut the front and back off the drawer.  Now lay the drawer piece on it’s back and mark the cut out you want in the drawer. Follow your marks to cut out the inside of the drawer. Now you can glue the front and back of the drawer back onto the center piece you just cut out.  With that done, glue the back back onto the box.   Except for some final shaping and sanding, that completes your box.  The only thing left to do is to add a drawer pull and finish the outside, and if you like, apply a rayon flocking to the inside of the drawer.

If you are looking for more detailed information, I have a fairly detailed set of instructions on how to build a small band saw box.  I also have made a video with even more detail on building a small band saw box.