What is a Bandsaw Box?

Drawer Oval Box

Q: What is a bandsaw box?
A: A Band saw Box is a free form piece of artwork from the natural curves of wood and the imagination of the artist sculpted into a container for jewelry, watches and keepsakes. They make unique and everlasting gifts for those who will cherish their spectacular shapes and colors.
Dave Watkins began his woodworking artisanship in the late 80’s and now brings the culmination of his skills, craftsmanship and experience in molding meaningful shapes that accentuate the grain and breath life into the natural light within these exotic woods.  It takes a special eye and an artists touch to bring out the best qualities of these species carefully chosen for their luster and rare qualities. With a visionary’s insight Dave uses every precious square inch of the wood in his creations. Care is taken for the economy and the ecology of these beautiful woods that the earth delivers.

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