Will you be selling your Model 8 Pattern?

Q. I noticed that you have some of you band saw box patterns available for sale. Will you be selling your Model #8 pattern. I would like to try making that box.

A. The # 8 pattern is an adaptation of a pattern by Lois Ventura in her book “Beautiful Band Saw Boxes”. You would have to refer to her book for any of her patterns, available at www.Amazon.com. I will be selling only my original patterns.

Can you design something for my sister’s 50th Birthday?

Q.  My sister will be celebrating her 50th birthday in December and I was thinking a box in the shape of a ’50’ might be a very unique way to mark the occasion.  Is that something you can do?


A.  As you can see from the picture below, I was able to make a number ’50’ box for this customer.  This would also be a memorable gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. This is just one example of what can be done when designing or creating a band saw box.


Model 50 - Number Fifty


I have also made boxes from a customers initials.  There are limitations, of course, but most anything can be adapted into a pattern for that unique and special box you are looking for.

Can I order the Model 36 Earring Chest without drawers dividers?

Q.  I am interested in your #36 Earring Chest. Do you ever make it without the dividers in the drawers?

A.   I have on several occasions made it by special request without dividers in the drawers. I do not generally make it that way, so there would, of course, be a delay in getting it to you, but yes, I can do it. I can change the number of dividers in most any drawer in most any box.

Can I buy additional small box blocks only?

Q.  I made some small trinket boxes from a kit I bought from you at the art in the park show in Boulder.  I would like to make some more. Do you sell just the blocks? I have the instructions.

A. I’m glad the kit worked out for you and that you are apparently enjoying making boxes.  Yes, I do sell just the blocks. I have been selling them two for $1, plus shipping.  I have a fairly large selection of woods, so if you are looking for something special, let me know and I will try to help you.

Do you ever sell your patterns?

 Q. Do you ever sell your patterns? I have just started making band saw boxes for family and would love to make the train for my little 4 yr old nephew.


A. Yes,  I now have all of my original patterns available.  Some of the boxes you see in the catalog will not have patterns available because they are adaptations of patterns that I have purchased, and I do not feel right about selling patterns that are not mine.

Patterns now available for $7.50 each for the necklace boxes, and $5.00 each for the others.

Use this link to enter our Pattern & Instruction Categories on this site.

How can I keep the paint from bleeding through when flocking drawers?

Q. I just finished making a small trinket box from the kit I bought from you. When I flocked the drawer, the paint bled through and marked the outside of the wood. How do you prevent that from happening?

A. When I am working with open grained wood, such as oak, I seal the end grain on the inside of the drawer with a coat of yellow glue before flocking the drawer.   You can check to make sure you have filled all the open grain by holding the drawer up to the light.

P. S.

I have just added a short video to my blog  posts on the website that will answer your question in more detail.

How do you cut out the inside of a bandsaw box drawer?

Q: When you are building a band saw box, how do you cut out the inside of the drawer?

A: Rather than start in the middle, let me review with you the basic steps in building a band saw box.

As you know, you first cut out the shape you want the box to be, then mark out your drawer. Next you cut the back off the box. Now you cut the drawer out.  At this point you cut the front and back off the drawer.  Now lay the drawer piece on it’s back and mark the cut out you want in the drawer. Follow your marks to cut out the inside of the drawer. Now you can glue the front and back of the drawer back onto the center piece you just cut out.  With that done, glue the back back onto the box.   Except for some final shaping and sanding, that completes your box.  The only thing left to do is to add a drawer pull and finish the outside, and if you like, apply a rayon flocking to the inside of the drawer.

If you are looking for more detailed information, I have a fairly detailed set of instructions on how to build a small band saw box.  I also have made a video with even more detail on building a small band saw box.

I am having trouble keeping the block against the fence. Do you have any suggestions to help?

Q: I am having trouble keeping the block against the fence. Do you have any suggestions to help?


A: There are a couple of things that could be contributing to your problem.First, make sure your fence is properly adjusted to compensate for blade drift. Your fence should be at a slight angle to the blade.  If the instructions for your band saw don’t give directions for adjusting your fence, there is a good illustration in the book “The Band Saw Book”. (available at Amazon.com) If your fence is not adjustable (some aren’t), there are some good ones available on the web with instructions. The other thing is to make sure the blade and guides are properly adjusted and that the blade is sharp. You mentioned that you may be going too fast. This is possible. You want to keep pressure on the block, but not so hard the you force the blade to twist.

Could you send me a price list for your work?

Q: Could you send me a price list for your work?


A: A complete price list is now available under RESOURCES menu as an item termed Pricing.

What is a Bandsaw Box?

Drawer Oval Box

Q: What is a bandsaw box?
A: A Band saw Box is a free form piece of artwork from the natural curves of wood and the imagination of the artist sculpted into a container for jewelry, watches and keepsakes. They make unique and everlasting gifts for those who will cherish their spectacular shapes and colors.
Dave Watkins began his woodworking artisanship in the late 80’s and now brings the culmination of his skills, craftsmanship and experience in molding meaningful shapes that accentuate the grain and breath life into the natural light within these exotic woods.  It takes a special eye and an artists touch to bring out the best qualities of these species carefully chosen for their luster and rare qualities. With a visionary’s insight Dave uses every precious square inch of the wood in his creations. Care is taken for the economy and the ecology of these beautiful woods that the earth delivers.