Model – 37 | The Old Rugged Cross Pattern

Model - 37 | The Old Rugged Cross Pattern

1) My patterns are not set to ship automatically. As soon as I receive the order, I will send the pattern in PDF format attached to an e-mail.
2) This pattern is cut from a block made up of four 4/4” boards. Giving a total thickness of approximately 3 1/2”.
3) When using a 14″ or smaller band saw, this pattern requires a 6″ riser block or extension in order to completely cut out the box.


  1. Bill Heitman :

    Do you have a smaller pattern that can be cut on a 14″ bandsaw or can I just reduce. what problems does this cause?
    Thanks I have the small necklace box glued up and hope to cut it in the morning.
    Bill Heitman (sawdustbill)
    Thanks for all your great video.

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