Model – 23 | Kitty Pattern

Model - 23 | Kitty Pattern

1) My patterns are not set to ship automatically. As soon as I receive the order, I will send the pattern in PDF format attached to an e-mail.
2) This pattern is cut from a block made up of four 4/4” boards. Giving a total thickness of approximately 3 1/2”.
3) When using a 14″ or smaller band saw, this pattern requires a 6″ riser block or extension in order to completely cut out the box.


  1. Perry Shawcroft :

    I really like the cat box. May I ask where you get your wood? The only local wood we have here is pine, aspen, and cottonwood.

    • Hi Perry
      We have a wood store here locally that has oak, ash and African Mahogany and some of the more common woods. I have to go to Salt Lake or Phoenix for the imports. Most bigger cities have stores that handle the imported woods. Check the internet, hopefully you will find something close by.
      Good luck

  2. Como faço para conseguir os desenhos das caixas?

    Ricardo Ventura


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