Why I Use Two Different Woods On My Band Saw Boxes?

Model # 35 Yin Yang - Afrimosia and Ash

The Yin Yang Box Of Afrimosia And Ash



I started using two different woods when I designed the Yin Yang Box.   I wanted to make one of the drawer fronts a contrasting color, like a regular yin yang pattern.   When I tried it,  I liked the contrast of the two different woods,  so I decided  to make the wood in the center of the box match the wood used for the drawer front.    That was an immediate hit with my customers, so I started making all my boxes with two contrasting woods.

I also found that it was less expensive to make a box with zebra wood, or some other exotic wood, front and back, and with ash or oak  in the center, than it was to make the box solid zebra wood.   It also bothered me to bury that beautiful wood in the middle of the box where no one can see it.

So, to answer your question, I like the look of the contrasting woods better than a solid color and it is less expensive.  That way I can charge a little less for my boxes.


  1. But i think there is any way to change the wood ‘s original color, isn’t it? It will be easier for us to work with only 1 type of wood on our bandsaw!

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