What Size Band Saw Blade Do You Use?

Band saw blades seem to be the hot topic right now.  Recently I have had several inquiries about what size blades do I use and what brand do I use.

For most of my cutting, I use a 3/16″ 10 tooth blade.  It is fairly easy to control on a long cut and yet will cut a fairly tight corner.   As long as it is still sharp and cutting good,  it also works well for cutting the front and back off the drawer blank.  With the 3/16″ blade, I don’t have to keep changing blades, except , of course, for cutting the back off the box.  For a large box, I use  a 1/4″  4 tooth  blade.

As to what brand I use, I have used many different brands,  all of which are good, but pricey.   A few years ago I found a local saw shop that will make the blades up and ship them to me.  They seem to work just as good as the national brands and are less expensive.   If you’re looking for a place to get blades, you might give them a try.  Call  American Saw and Hammering at (801) 467-4903.  They’ll ship.





  1. Clark Douglas :

    I purchased a 3/16 , 4 tooth (skip) blade based on a You Tube video. It leaves a rough surface and goes off line fairly easily because it is a aggressive. On harder woods with gentler curves this it would perform better I believe. My problem was in cedar, a soft wood.
    I think I am going to stick with a more teeth on a 1/4″ blade. SLower cutting but more control.

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