How I Finish My Band Saw Boxes

Model - 12 | Three Drawer | Oval Box

Box With A Natural Looking Finish

I use a “buffed on” wax finish. I like the natural look  it gives.  It’s not real glossy or in any way artificial looking.

But to start, I sand the box smooth, and then put a coat of natural penetrating oil stain on it.    I let that dry good, usually at least 24 hours.   I then sand with 220 grit paper and at this point,  glue the drawer pulls on.   ( I find it easier to sand the drawer face without the pull, and I have fewer glue problems if the wood has a coat of stain on it.)   I then put on a second coat of the natural penetrating oil stain, but this time, I wipe it dry, and buff it good with a dry cloth.  I again let it sit for a day to dry good, and then apply the wax finish.

There are several buffing systems available.   I use one made by the Beall Co.  It is a series of three different waxes buffed onto the wood.   I checked their web site and they have a three part video on how to use their product.   They have to include a sales pitch for their products, but the “how to” part of the video is pretty good. I would suggest you take a look.  The first two parts of the videos will give you all the information you need.   The buffing kit is also available at or Craft Supplies USA.

Beall buffing video – part 1

Beall buffing video – part 2

Both the Beall Buffing System and the PSI Woodworking systems are available on Amazon. com.



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