Something New – A New Band Saw Box For Your Special Occasion

Golf Cart Band Saw Box

Golf Cart Band Saw Box

I have just added a new Golf Cart band saw box to our web site. I get a lot of requests for special orders or commissioned boxes, something to fill a special need or gift idea for a customer. One such request is the new golf cart. A customer brought me a picture of a golf cart and asked if I could make a band saw box that he could give to his golfing buddies for Christmas. This is what I came up with.

Another new band saw box is a cowboy boot. My cousin’s husband passed away recently from cancer, and she asked me to make a box for his ashes with a cowboy theme. I made a cowboy boot and had it engraved with his name and a picture of a horse (See below).

Cowboy Boot Urn

Cowboy Boot Urn

I then had a request to take that idea and make a cowboy boot band saw box.  The cowboy boot will be on the web site shortly. Ideas for new band saw boxes come from many different situations.

If you have an idea for a band saw box for a special person or occasion, contact me through the contact us page of the website, and I’ll see if I can help you.

Note: Most of my commissioned band saw boxes have a story similar to these two boxes. All of my commissioned boxes can be viewed on the web site under commissioned jewelry boxes on the front page of the web site.


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