Sealing Open End Grain Wood

If you cut an open grained wood, such as red oak, to a thickness of about 1/8″ or less and hold it up to the light, you will generally see light through the open pores in the wood.   This becomes a problem when you paint the inside of your band saw box drawers in order to flock them.  Some time ago I made a video on how to seal the open end grain.  Since the question keeps coming up, I decided to address it again and reference the original video.   If you are concerned about the paint breeding through the side or bottom of your drawer, just hold it up to the light and see if there are open pores that will bleed paint.  After you seal it with the yellow glue ( see video)  and want to make  sure you sealed it completely, just hold it up to the light again.   If you see little spots of light through the bottom of the drawer, it’s not completely sealed.

Some have asked if the yellow glue in the pores of the wood will affect the staining or finish of the wood.   I have never had a problem with  this.

Here is the video on how to seal wood with open end grain

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