Sanding Inside Narrow Openings

Several of my band saw boxes, such as  the  Models 01- Mother and Child  and  Model 27 – Open Space  have narrow openings that can’t be sanded with a palm sander.   Others have drawer openings that come to a point on one end.    I can  do the initial sanding and shaping inside those narrow areas with a spindle sander,  but it doesn’t  leave a good  finish.   I found several years ago that the Bosch Sander model # 1294 VS,  that has a 3″ by 1″ finger,  will go into these narrow openings and give me a good finish.  There are other sanders that will probably do a similar job, but the Bosch has done a good job for me.    I got mine from


Model 01 Mother and Child


Model 27 Open Space


I have made a short video that demonstrates the sander and also shows you how to save some money on the sand paper it uses.



  1. Wow! You’re so dexterity! I’m making my jewelry box and it such a mess when I try to sand its small detail. I think I’m going to buy this product. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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