Prevent Paint Bleed Thru When Flocking Band Saw Box Drawers

When flocking band saw box drawers, the paint can bleed thru the open end grain of woods such as oak.   I prevent this bleed thru by coating the end grain inside the drawer with wood glue when I assemble the drawer.

I finish the inside of all my band saw box drawers with a spray-in flocking, and part of the procedure is to paint the inside of the drawer with an adhesive paint before spraying the flocking into it.   If you’re using oak and the end grain is not sealed, the paint may bleed thru the wood to the outside of the drawer, which creates a problem that is practically impossible to clean up.   I prevent this problem with the oak end grain by covering it with carpenters glue at the time I assemble the drawer.   I just smear it around on the end grain and work it into the wood.   This will completely resolve the problem.

I like to work with red oak and use it in many of my boxes.   Some wood workers, however, don’t like to use oak because of the open grain, and the potential for bleed thru when finishing the inside of the drawer.   Just take a minute to seal that end grain and you can enjoy working with oak with no problem.

 Seal the Oak End Grain to prevent Bleed Thru


  1. I also had the same idea but still not find out the way to create something with oak. Many thanks!

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