Do You Make Custom Designed Band Saw Boxes?

All of my commissioned band saw boxes were custom designed.   The ideas have come from many different people and for many different reasons.  Some were made to fit a certain type of jewelry, such as my Necklace Boxes.  Others were made to honor special people, such as the Fire Engine for my Fire Captain brother-in-law, or the Ol Paint Horse for my grand daughter.

If  you are interested in a custom designed band saw box, there are a few things we need to do.

  • First – Send me a picture of you idea.
  • Second – I will review your picture and draw up a pattern to see if I think it can be made into a band saw box and if I can get drawers into it.
  • Third – If I think it is possible, I’ll send you a sketch of what I think it will look like.
  • Fourth – We can communicate back and forth till we reach a consensus on the shape, size, wood, etc.

I will let you know the cost and what my schedule is so we can agree on a delivery date.


For more on this subject, go back to an earlier blog post titled “Something New”.



  1. Dave, I have not gotten around to making a necklace box yet from the pattern I received from you. In thinking about it I realize the because of the size I can’t cut the back off with either one of my band saws. I don’t have riser blocks on my Delta and there are none available for my Chraftsman saw.
    Are there any designs in the range of 6 1/2″ wide that you can think of? I have been looking at your pattern thinking that maybe I can narrow it down somehow. I can live with only one necklace box.
    Your thoughts?

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