More About Flocking Your Band Saw Box Drawer


In my last blog post, I discussed flocking the inside of your band saw box drawers, and attached a “how to” video that I made.    In that video is shown a box that I use to catch the overspray when spraying the flocking into the drawers.

I would suggest that you put your band saw box drawer inside such of a box, or some type of confined area, when you spray it, or you will have colored fibers all over your shop.  I use a cardboard box about 24″ square and about 16″ deep to catch most of the overspray when flocking. It’s easy to make and does a good job.

  • Place your box on it’s side so the opening faces you.
  • Tape a piece of waxed paper, equal to the width of the box, to the back inside wall of the box so that it just touches the floor of the box.  Tape only along the top of the paper.
  • Then fit another piece, the width of the box, on the floor of the box up against the back wall and under the waxed paper on the back wall.
  • Put a second piece on the floor, over lapping the first one, then put a larger piece in front of the box.  These papers just lay on the floor of the box.

When you get a buildup of flocking inside the box, tap the back wall, the flocking that has clung to the wall will drop to the floor of the box. Put all the flocking on one piece of paper and dump it back into your supply. I don’t see any reason to have it go all over the shop and be wasted, when it can be reused.


  1. Seems interesting! I will try it with my first bandsaw box- in processing now

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