How To Build My Yin Yang Band Saw Box

Model # 35 Yin Yang - Afrimosia and Ash

Yin Yang Band Saw Box

I have made a 43 minute video on how to build my yin yang band saw box.  It starts by showing how I build the block of wood, using two different woods,  from which I cut out the yin yang band saw box, and  how I add the pattern.   It covers cutting out the box and the drawers, including the hidden drawer, and  then re-assembling the box, the drawers and the hidden drawer.  I cover the building of the hidden drawer from beginning to end.   I also talk about sanding and shaping the box and drawers and rounding over the edges before final sanding and staining.  It concludes with finishing the box and drawers and flocking the inside of the drawers.

I also include several little tips that I think will make building your yin yang box go faster and easier.

You can purchase the video by going to the “How to Videos” listing on the web site.  I will send  you the Yin Yang pattern with the link to the video.  The video, of course, demonstrates how to build the yin yang box, but the principles can be applied to any band saw box.


This is a short seven minute introduction to the video.



  1. Such an artistic bandsaw product! Well done!

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