How Thick Do You Make Your Band Saw Boxes?



“Golf Club” – Block Made From Four 4/4 Boards


I try to make all my band saw  boxes between 3 and 4 inches thick.     Most of my boxes are made from 4 pieces of 4/4 wood.   If at all possible, I buy unfinished wood at 13/16″ to 15/16″ thick or more.    By the time I flatten it,  and glue it up, I generally end up with a block at least  3 1/2 ” thick.

If I am using a solid block of wood, I try to make sure it will end up at least 3 inches thick.  Any less than that and the drawers are too small.

When I started, I used 5 pieces of wood, but that was too thick, and since I use two different woods, I didn’t like the way the grain lined up.   Four pieces of wood gives me a better grain pattern.     I also had trouble sanding five pieces with a 4″ belt sander and with a 4 1/2″ spindle sander.    Three and a half inches thick works out really well.   It  fits my equipment, the drawers are a decent size, it looks better, and it’s easier to handle.


  1. Very timely note Dave. I just started building boxes basing my initial thickness decisions on Lois Ventura’s books. She tends to favor 4-5″ and I found this thickness challenging my Ridgid oscillating sander (like yours). Also, I like the fact that I can use only 4 pieces of 4/4 wood which makes symmetry easier to achieve with the end grain.

    • Thanks for the comment Jack, Sorry to be so slow getting back to you, I just noticed your comment. I agree with what you say, my experience has been the same.
      Thanks again

  2. Dave your videos and written word are most informative .
    Like you I am a hobbiest wood worker and love to do a variation of the craft and do enjoy doing a variation of bandsaw boxes.
    I live in the North island of New Zealand , sadly there is not a lot doing the bandsaw boxes , so have to connect with sites such as yours.
    Keep up the good work.

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