Finishing The Band Saw Box Drawer With A Spray-in Flocking

I have recently had several questions about finishing the inside of the drawers on my band saw boxes.   I think the best way to finish the drawer is by using a spray-in flocking.

Basically, you paint the inside of the drawer with an adhesive type paint and then while it is still wet,  spray small rayon fibers into the wet paint.   After the paint dries, dump the excess flocking out of the drawer, and you will have a nice felt looking finish inside your drawer.

Most craft stores carry a spray-in flocking kit.   I use DONJER Products.    They have small kits as well as the paint and fiber in larger quantities.   You can also get DONJER products through

I have prepared a short video on how to flock and finish a drawer. Hopefully it will be helpful.    It will give you a lot more detail than I have given you here.

                                                              Flocking Video


  1. I was not able to open or view the flocking video.


    • Hi Gary
      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know about the problem. You should be able to view the video now. Give it a try and let me know.

      • The video played just fine. I have made several of your boxes and designed some of my own. My granddaughter ever designed a smilely face box that we made together.
        Thanks for your web site and videos

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