Felt Buttons Can Improve The Looks Of Your Band Saw Boxes

You can improve the looks of your band saw boxes with the addition of some small felt buttons or pads.  (Like those used to cushion your cabinet doors.)  Buttons on the bottom of the drawer will even the space above and below the drawer as it sits in the box.  A button on the back of the drawer opening will move the drawer forward so that the face of the drawer will be flush with the front of the box.  Buttons on the bottom of the box will protect your fine furniture.

Most hardware stores will have these little felt buttons, some will be listed as felt pads or furniture protectors.  When you buy them, get some that are 3/8″ in diameter by 1/16″ thick, not 1/8″ thick, the thicker ones will cause the drawer to bind as you insert it, if it will go in at all.

I have attached a short video to demonstrate how I use them.



  1. Thanks Dave. Link worked fine this time.

  2. Thanks for the idea of the felt buttons. That! was one of my problems

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