Enhance The Saw Blade Entry Point On Your Band Saw Boxes

Many of the band saw box videos I have watched lately want you to hide the band saw blade cut line or entry point into the box.   It will hide fairly well if you are cutting in line with the wood grain, but with band saw boxes, we don’t always cut straight lines.  It is not  unusual to find your cut line crossing the grain directly or at an angle, and that is harder to hide.

For that reason and because I like the looks better, I enhance the saw blade entry point cut line and make it part of the pattern or design.   I also don’t like the sharp corners on my boxes or drawer fronts, therefore,  I round over the front and back of the box and the front of the drawer openings.   I also round over the front of the drawers.   To make my cut lines and entry point match, I round them also.

IMG_0859Before gluing the back on the box casing, it will be flexible enough that the entry point can be held open. While the two sides of the entry point are held apart, I use a small Dremel tool to round over both sides of the cut line. In some cases, I glue the entry point cut back together for strength or stability, but I always  round over the edges of the opening before I glue it.

After the band saw box is back together and I have completed the initial sanding and shaping of the box, I use a 1/8″ or 5/32″ round over bit on my router table to round over the rest of the box.  This, of course, can also be done by hand.



I have added a short video to help show how I do the round over.




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