Copy Pattern Onto Wood With Carbon Paper

The best way that I have found to transfer a band saw box pattern to your wood block is with old fashioned carbon paper.

I demonstrated using carbon paper to transfer the band saw box pattern to the wood in my ” How to build the Yin Yang band saw box” video.   The question I got from the younger generation was, what is carbon paper?  From the older generation, is it still available and where can you get it?

It was used with typewriters to make copies,  before we had copiers and computers.   Am I dating myself?

To use it, put it face (carbon side) against the wood.  Lay your pattern on top and trace over the lines of the pattern, transferring the image onto the wood.  I find this easier and with  less clean up than gluing the pattern to the wood.

The best place I have found to get carbon paper is on  They have it  in smaller quantities than the large office supply stores.



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