Band Saw Boxes With The Wood Grain Vertical

There are times when it is preferable to run the wood grain vertical in your band saw box.   Sometimes it is just for esthetics, but sometimes it is essential.   If you are building a box such as my Model 05 Chest of Drawers where the front is open,   ( see below ),  the only vertical support is the back of the box.  If you run the wood grain horizontal, moisture may cause the back to bow and narrow the drawer openings on the front of the chest.  This will make it so that the drawers no longer fit.   In this case, it is essential that you have a vertical wood grain.

The reason for this article  is that after my blog article on cutting vertical grain wood, it was suggested that I just not make boxes with the wood grain running vertical.  That would solve the problem.  As I mentioned above, there are some patterns the require the wood grain to be vertical.  There other patterns that just look better with a vertical grain, and others where the box will be stronger with grain running vertically.

Model 05 - Black Limba and Oak


  1. I surprised when I read this article and to know about Band Saw Boxes With The Wood Grain Vertical.

  2. How did you round over the edges? In particular where the really sharp edges of the drawer meet. It looks like a router would be hard to use there. Thanks!

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