Bandsaw Box Construction

As the name implies, band saw boxes are cut by hand on a band saw. Dave builds his boxes, starting with the raw wood, from a variety of hard woods–both imported and domestic.  After selecting the wood and milling it straight and flat, He laminates four (4) boards together to form a block about 3 to 4 inches thick, depending on the wood he is using.
Dave Watkins gluing process to make raw wood block for Bandsaw Box


From that block he cuts the box.

Dave Watkins cutting a solid wood block for a Bandsaw Box
Dave Watkins - Cutting Bandsaw box from laminated natural wood block
He generally uses two different woods on each box.  For example, if he is using zebra wood, he will sandwich either oak, ash, or walnut between the front and back piece of zebra wood.  He does most of his boxes this way, using different woods.

After the box is cut out and then reassembled, it is sanded and stained twice with a clear natural stain to bring out the natural color of the wood.  The final finish is a wax finish using the Beall buffing system.  The interior of each drawer is finished with a sprayed on rayon flocking.

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