Backing The Band Saw Blade Out Of A Saw Kerf

When building a band saw box that has a drawer with a point on one end, such as my yin yang box,  you must cut into that point from both directions.   You have to back the band saw blade out of the saw kerf to the beginning point, and then cut from there around the other side of the drawer into the point.

You can back the blade out with the machine turned off, but I have found that you will probably have to hold the kerf open while you move the box to allow the blade to move through the kerf.   You can also back the blade out with the saw still running.   This is the way I prefer.   As you are backing the band saw blade through the kerf, just keep turning the box so the blade will stay parallel with the kerf.   If the blade rubs too hard against the wood, you may pull it forward and off the tire.  You must move slowly and carefully.

If the wood is dry, the kerf will generally stay open. If there is too much moisture in the air, the kerf will try to close up, making it very difficult to back the blade out. Where I live the air is very dry and I don’t generally have problems backing the blade. In the summer, however,  I cut early in the morning before I turn the cooler on in my shop. Once the cooler is on, it puts enough moisture in the air that I can’t cut boxes. I don’t know if this is a problem in very moist climates. It may be that the moisture content of the wood is higher to start with and is not a problem.  If it is, I’m not sure how you would handle it.


  1. I faced problem while operating my band-saw. After reading this article I feel safe.

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