2P-10 CA Glue for Attaching Drawer Pulls

In my last post, I mentioned that I attach the drawer pulls to the drawers of my band saw boxes, after the first staining, with a CA glue.    I also discussed gluing the drawer pulls on in the videos I made about how to build a band saw box.   The thing I keep forgetting to tell you is what kind of glue I use.    I have found the thick  2P-10 CA (cyanoacrylate) glue by FastCap to be not only fast, but strong and easy to use.   You just put a bead of glue on the pull,  position the pull where you want it,  spray on the activator, and hold it for 10 seconds and your done.   If there is some glue squeeze out,  just run a razor knife under one edge of the glue and you can lift it off in one piece.    I generally do have some glue squeeze out because  I want to use enough glue to make sure I have good coverage.    I have had better luck with the 2P-10 than any of the other CA glues that I have tried.

You can order it from  Amazon.com    or from FastCap.

On the FastCap site, there are several videos about different ways to use the 2P-10 glue that are very helpful.

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