Band Saw Jewelry Boxes

Hand made band saw boxes for jewelry, trinkets, or special keepsakes. Each box is unique and one of a kind. Because of the special characteristics of each piece of wood and the variation in grain patterns, every box will be different, even if built from the same pattern.


Each band saw box is an original design, created to fill a special request or to honor a special person. 

One such request was to build a special box for a customer who’s son played the guitar.
Another request was to provide a jewelry box with drawers to hang necklaces or that special gold chain.


The Star Of David was designed at the request of a good customer. It has five drawers plus a hidden drawer in the back of the center drawer.


These are primarily the band saw boxes that I started with and have been building for several years. Some of them are original.

This was my first original design pattern.

Some of them are modifications of patterns purchased from other artists.

This yin yang pattern is one of my most popular. It has two hidden drawers.


Small Different Shaped Boxes for Rings, Trinkets, or Special Keepsakes

Each of these small band saw boxes is unique and one of a kind.

Some are small boxes with only one drawer for a ring or other small keepsake, or perhaps to be used as a gift box.


Model – 51 | Small Trinket or Ring Boxes

[Small Trinket Category]



Model – 49 | Low Profile Keepsake Boxes with Multiple Dividers

[Small Trinket Category]

Some have several dividers to perhaps store several pairs of earrings.p>Some are a little larger and have two or three drawers.

Model – 45 | Different Shaped Boxes for Gifts, Trinkets or Special Keepsakes

[Small Trinket Category]